Neti Pot History

Neti Pot History

The history of nasal cleansing began as an Ancient Ayurvedic technique in Ancient India many centuries ago.

The practice of using a Neti Pot for nasal cleansing was called Jala-Neti which literally means to cleanse the nose with water.

Nasal cleansing or Jala Neti, which literally means to cleanse the nose with water is an ancient technique that has been practiced for many centuries. Using a warm salty water solution, also known as a saline solution, has been used by the Yogis for deep spiritual and physical benefits.

The practice of Jala-Neti is extremely beneficial to maintain the cleanliness of the nose, eyes, throat and lungs as well as the thinking process.

Neti Pots which traditionally look like Aladdin´s lamp, were originally used in South east Asia as a cleansing and purifying ritual. This practice was typically done in preparation for a yoga routine. This discipline was performed as breathing is such an important part of Yoga.

The ancient science of Yoga is a spiritual science of personal exploration with universal application. There are many branches of study and practice like many modern sciences. Literally the word Yoga means a oneness or a union. The particular branch of the yogic sciences called Hatha Yoga is mainly concentrated on the harmonization of forces within the mind and body, through various forms of mental and physical cleansing.

The word Hatha, comprised of two syllables Ha – the solar force (Prana Shakti) is the expression of human energy and the physical and life giving dynamic. Tha – the Lunar Force (Manas Shakti) is the internal expression of energy and the reflective, passive and inward mental energy. The philosophy of Yoga in general, especially Hatha Yoga teaches that these two forces must be balanced for an attuned spiritual and healthy existence. Hatha Yoga works on purifying and cleansing all the sensory reception organs as well as the action organs.

Ancient Yogis developed a wide range of methods for mind and bodily cleansing in the aim to purify and balance the human structure to its highest level and for higher purposes. These amazing methods of internal and external cleansing were not only for optimum health but for being able to reach a higher state of meditation allowing one to attain self transendance, enlightenment and immortality.

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