Scensive Bloodhound ST306

Scensive Technology LTD, UK

Scensive Technology’s new electronic nose, Bloodhound ST306 is housed in a high quality case, with front mounted sample and reference ports, upgraded software and hardware.

The instrument is PC driven and simple to use, data analysis software included, can be used for direct analysis of odour samples with minimal sample preparation.

Instruments are supplied with sensor arrays suitable for general research or selected to be application specific.

Bloodhound ST306: Instrument Details

The ST306 instrument links to a standard PC. The application software allows the user to fully specify sampling parameters (sample sniff, reference odor, hold, exhale, flush, etc.) and then automatically controls the ‘sniff’ procedure, records and manages the output data resulting.

Machine olfaction - bloodhound st306

Scensive Technologies Bloodhound ST306

All of the operational variables can be controlled using a sophisticated graphical user interface. The output graphics enable the user to compare the resulting odor profile with previously prepared master profiles held in a library.

The user can decide to gather, analyse and export data from all or only some of the sensors, depending on the complexity of the odour being studied.

The Bloodhound ST306 uses 6 sensors produced from a variety of materials and this creates an instrument which is responsive to a wide range of odours. For specific applications, fewer (or custom) sensors may be needed and Scensive can select or design sensor materials to increase detection, qualitative and quantitative responses.

The response to a particular smell depends on the sensor type and the repeatability of that response is very high. Here are shown the responses from 6 sensors to a 5 second pulse of volatiles, the total time trace is 30 seconds.

The latest Bloodhound ST306 software includes the facility to record odor maps. Analyse samples and compare then with existing known odour profiles and discriminate between odors.

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